The new measures of Facebook to have safe groups

With the evolution in the way in which users and groups violate Facebook’s community rules, the company itself continues to take steps to protect other users from harmful users and groups.

In this regard, the company led by Mark Zuckerberg, has shared the next steps to take, where in practice, apply an inverse scale in which more offenses, fewer privileges and scope for members and groups, until eventually leading to the suspension of the accounts of repeat offenders, although in severe cases they will eliminate the intermediate steps.

One more adaptation to the evolution of harmful behaviors

At the recommendation level, the company is committed to maintaining a balance in its guidelines that avoids penalizing high-quality groups that deal with similar topics to potentially harmful groups.

The company explains that:

The tension we navigate is not between our business interests and the elimination of low-quality groups; it’s about taking action on potentially harmful groups while ensuring that community leaders can grow their groups that follow the rules and bring value to people

Additionally, the elimination of recommendations to civic and political groups is expanding worldwide, in addition to the recently created ones, a measure recently launched in the United States, adding to the elimination of other types of groups from the recommendations.

On the other hand, when users are about to join groups that violate community rules, they will be warned about it, and even from Facebook the invitation notifications of these groups will also be limited.

At the group level, group administrators and moderators with a significant number of members who violate community standards or have been expelled from other groups for it, are required temporary approval of all their posts so that they do not have a limited scope. higher until a review is reached that enables final approvals if applicable.

If administrators and moderators repeatedly allow the posting of content that violates the rules, the group will be removed entirely.

And at the member level, when someone repeatedly violates the rules, they will be temporarily disabled from posting or commenting on any of the groups, nor will they be able to invite others to a group or create new groups.

All these measures will go into effect globally over the next few months, according to the statement.

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