The new version of Creator Studio is now simpler and also more complete

Being away from home or from the workplace does not mean leaving aside the task of monitoring what happens on the channels that are available on YouTube, and with the new version of Creator Studio much less. Google has just presented this new version in which new monitoring features and improved analytical capabilities have been incorporated, making it possible to maintain contact at all times with the community itself, among other aspects.

Google puts the accent on analytical capabilities, where from now on users will have the improvements carried out in YouTube Analytics so that users can easily understand everything that happens on their channels, displaying analytical data on simple cards designed to offer the information in a clear and understandable way, and may also suggest ways to improve the performance of both the published videos themselves and the channels in general.The new update also includes educational guides, notifications of relevant events and suggestions, as well as better access to get in direct contact with the YouTube staff, that is, contacting a real person to receive the necessary help, all it from the same application.

The new version of Creator Studio is already reaching users of Android and iOS devices through the respective application markets. The idea, as shown in the published video, is that channel owners have everything they need to manage their channels in full mobility, being able to have access at any time 24 hours a day, seven days a week, ideal especially if you are traveling or for any other reason you cannot have a desktop computer for a long time.

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