The news from Google for Meet focused on the educational field

With the end of an atypical school year, altered by the coronavirus pandemic, Google is already working on a series of improvements for Meet focused on the school environment, and which will be incorporated throughout this year.

The idea, as we can imagine, is to try to turn Meet into the video calling solution, both for those who finally bet on distance education in its entirety, and for those who want to combine it with face-to-face education.

More controls for meetings

In this sense, Google bring two batches of news to offer greater control of meetings. In a first round, reaching out to G Suite for Education and G Suite Enterprise for Education users, a user will not be able to request to join a meeting again after being kicked out, and their requests will be ignored after the moderator does. rejected twice.

In this regard, the application interface will be improved to be less intrusive, that is, less annoying for the teachers themselves, and in addition, they will also have the ability to terminate their meetings to all participants.

And later on, anonymous users will be blocked from attending meetings by default, although schools can modify these settings to allow them to attend.

Regarding privacy, Meet allows teachers and students to blur the environment, or even replace it with an image, either by choosing an image from the application or by uploading an image of their own, although administrators will have the possibility to disable this possibility.

And in a second round of controls, planned for later, Google will also offer the ability to silence all participants simultaneously, disable participants’ chat, and restrict presentations. Meeting moderators may also join in before the meeting begins.

To encourage participation in classes

To make classes more interactive, G Suite for Education and G Suite Enterprise for Education users will have a hand-lift function, and integrate a digital whiteboard where they can better express ideas.

In addition, the tiled view is made larger and allow the participation of up to 49 participants simultaneously, and the number of languages ​​supported in subtitles is also increased.

G Suite Enterprise for Education users will also have a number of premium features, such as student attendance tracking, meeting rooms to divide classes into smaller groups, question and answer section, and surveys.

And with all the aforementioned, Google invites you to be more attentive as these features are implemented over the next few months, inviting those schools interested in G Suite Enterprise for Education to contact a representative. to benefit from these benefits for your classes.

Image credit: Google

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