The news that will arrive with iPad OS 14, macOS Big Sur and watchOS 7

In addition to the novelties presented for iOS14, of which it has been rumored that it could finally be called iPhoneOS14, in line with the rest of the operating systems, those of Cupertino have also advanced the novelties that will arrive in the existing operating systems for the iPad, for the desktops, and for your smart watches.

To point out that, as always, a process begins now that allows the improvement of these versions with the launch of the preview for developers, so that they reach the end users at the beginning of next fall through the corresponding free updates that they offer , at the time, the company that Cook runs.

We are going to point out the main news for iPad OS 14, macOS Big Sur and watchOS 7:

iPad OS

In addition to the new iOS 14, Apple has also presented the news for the operating system of its tablets. The company focuses on the new compact design for incoming FaceTime calls and telephone calls, which from this version will stop occupying the entire screen, allowing answering and resuming the tasks that were being carried out.

It also highlights the redesign from scratch of its search experience, which under its compact design allows from locating and starting applications to accessing contacts, files and information quickly, and obtaining answers to common questions about people or places, allowing searches without the need to be done. quit the application being used.

The third pillar of the main novelties is in the new experience of the application sidebars, which facilitate navigation within the applications, and have new drop-down menus that give access to all the controls from one place.

But the most relevant, within the set of novelties, is the arrival of Scribble to iPad OS, which allows you to convert what is manually written with Apple Pencil to text. Smart Selection is the automatic learning function in charge of distinguishing texts from symbols or drawings made with Apple Pencil. In addition, the data detectors will also be able to detect handwritten data, such as telephone numbers, dates and addresses, offering the possibility to react on them.

All the information is available in its official announcement.


Apple has also presented the news for the next version of the operating system for its desktop computers. This new version will arrive under the name of Big Sur and will bring the biggest visual update since the launch of Mac OS X, the biggest update to Safari in its history, as well as improvements in privacy management and in the Messages and Maps applications.

The company points out that Big Sur users will have a fresher and more familiar user interface, with less visual complexity and a higher level of spacing, whose controls and keypads will appear when they are needed, disappearing when they are no longer necessary. , with a new control center that offers quick access to controls from the desktop, with interactive notifications and redesigned widgets in its updated notification center, in addition to a new design for the main applications, among other visual improvements.

Now entering its flagship browser, Safari is, in the eyes of Apple, faster, more personal and focused on privacy, making up the largest update to Safari in its history. Apple highlights its increased speed and longer battery life, noting that pages will load 50% faster compared to Chrome. It also features redesigned tabs to allow more tabs to be displayed on the screen, to provide a hover-over preview, and even now allows users to select background images and configure content sections on the home page.

It also includes web page translation functions and improved support for extensions. At the privacy level, now comes an additional report to inform about the way that Safari protects users, in addition to being able to choose when and with which websites the extensions can work.

With regard to Messages, basically it is on par with iOS 14, with the possibility of anchoring important conversations, improvements in searches, online responses, more customization of Memojis, among other possibilities, with a clear focus on conversations. group.

A bit of the same thing happens with Maps, with new resource guides for discovering places, 360 view of destinations, maps of major airports and shopping centers, bike routes, and more.

All the information is available in the official announcement.


And with respect to the new version of the operating system for its smartwatches, Apple offers new levels of customization, new health and fitness functions, in addition to updates to other functions already present.

Regarding the new level of customization, watchOS 7 delivers new avenues of discovery of watch faces, which are now more customizable, with the possibility of sharing all possible combinations of personalization through applications such as Messages or Mail, or even through links from websites or social networks, which allow adapting to the needs of users.

Developers will also be able to offer more than one complication on a watch face, with examples such as Glow Baby or Nike Run Club already existing.

With regard to the new functions for monitoring the health and physical state, it allows the monitoring of sleep under a holistic approach to sleep, saving all the information on the device in an encrypted form or in iCloud in a synchronized way. Users can also set a sleep goal, and can even receive reminders to charge the device’s battery before going to bed in case of low charge capacity.

There is also sleep mode to dim the screen, automatic hand washing detection, new physical workouts come to the Workout application, and redesign the Fitness application to provide an optimized view of all the data.

All the details are in the official announcement.

Image credit: Apple

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