The next Apple Watch could incorporate 4G LTE and smart straps

The next Apple Watch could incorporate 4G LTE and smart straps

According to patents and analyst Christopher Rolland Apple would be working on a third generation Apple Watch with 4G LTE connection and smart straps.

Although there are still several months until the third generation of the Apple Watch (Series 3 perhaps?) Sees the light that does not mean that the engineers of the Cupertino company are not working at full speed to shape it. There is still a lot, but the first rumors are already beginning to appear.

An always connected Apple Watch

According to analyst Christopher Rolland, who has maintained contacts with various Asian technology companies, the future Apple Watch Series 3 may have LTE 4G technology to always be connected to the internet without depending on the phone. For this, the watch could carry both a traditional SIM and an eSIM (an electronic version of it) and also it would be considering incorporating a new CAT-M1 chip with high energy efficiency.

This update It will be a great step forward when it comes to independence., especially in conjunction with the improvements of the Series 2. To the GPS and a greater power (capable of executing applications directly on the clock) it would be necessary to add a constant connection to the Internet so that there would be no difference in day-to-day use between carry the iPhone on or not.

This is not the first time that it has been rumored, in fact it was something that was expected for the current generation. The most interesting of those rumors is that it was said that, as with the Kindle 3G, Apple could bear the costs of that data rate and offer a basic service (notifications, messages, update complications) for free. That or that the operators offered a special plan just like the BlackBerry service, since it is difficult to justify a second (or third) data rate for a smartwatch.

Smart straps have also been patented

apple watch series 3 smart straps 2

In addition to analyst Christopher Rolland’s claims, today we have also seen a new series of Apple patents that could indicate that in the not too distant future the Apple Watch could mount smart straps.

Thus users can purchase straps with sensors or extra indicators that expand the capabilities of their watch beyond the purely static. The idea is that the strap can be illuminated to show data on, for example, the progression of an exercise. The patent does not explain how they connect to the watch, although they could end up using the famous hidden port of the Apple Watch.

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