The + operator is replaced by quotation marks in Google searches

The common user who performs searches through the Google engine, may not even be familiar with the existence of operators with which to improve the searches to what he is really looking for. The fact is that Google has made the decision to eliminate the + operator by substituting it with quotes, so that when we perform a search where we put said operator, we will get a message that it has been replaced by the use of quotes. Let’s imagine that we are looking for a document and we want it in different types of files, with what we will add so far in the search field + doc + pdf + rtf, and from now on it will be doc pdf rtf. Before this, Google states in its forum of Boolean operators that:

We’ve made things in such a way that you can tell Google exactly what you want more consistently by extending the functionality of the operator. In addition to using this operator to search for an exact phrase, you can now add quotes around a single word to tell Google to match that precise word. Therefore, if in the past you have searched [revista +latina], now you must search [revista Latina].

Some believe that the reason for the change is to avoid confusion with its social network Google+, and whatever the case, the truth is that it breaks with the search methodology used for many years, without prior notice, by surprise. Will Google be the only one to change operator or can other search engines follow it? We’ll see people’s reactions.Va: Adseok

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