The origin of the relationship between Timon and Pumbaa

The origin of the relationship between Timon and Pumbaa

In the absence of an animal today we are going to talk about two, to vary with respect to other occasions.

And it is that these two animals get along so well and do so much for each other that we can not afford to talk about them separately. In fact, see if his relationship he gave is important to the creation of two of the most endearing characters in the history of Disney movies: Timn and Pumbaa.

We are talking about mongoose and warty boar, two great friends who maintain a relationship known as mutualism,from which both benefit greatly.

The warty boar, the animal that inspired the Pumbaa character

The genre farmer is made up of artioctyl mammals, typical of African continent, which are characterized by having a large head, a barrel-shaped body and a series of warts, responsible for the name that is commonly given in some countries.

Like Pumba, usually inhabit stiff sheets; since, unlike most of his relatives, he supports very well the aridity and the high temperatures.

They have a very characteristic physiognomy, due to their warts distributed in pairs and the eyes, which are located on the top of the head to observe the presence of possible predators, like the lion, from whom he is usually unable to defend himself despite his Big fangs.

Like the rest of pigs, it is usually smeared with mud to clean itself of parasites and insects, although some have discovered a much cleaner method, in which it comes into play Timnoops, sorry, the mongoose.

The mongoose, the eternal friend of the warty boar

Medium in size, between 30 and 120 centimeters, this cute little animal is characterized by its long tail and its short legs, that he uses to dig for food.

One of its most interesting features is the possession of acetylcholine receptors, designed to avoid the neurotoxic effect of the venom of the snakes trying to hunt it down.

Among its best-known members of this family is the meerkat, typical of arid zones of africa and inspiring the character of Timn.

What is the relationship between warty boar and mongoose based on?


The relationship of these animals goes far beyond the history of the King Len;Since in some parts of the African continent it is very typical to see the wild boar lying down calmly while a mongoose, perched on its back, makes it a personal hairdresser.

This is what is known as symbiotic relationship of mutualism, since both members win. The boar has dewormer staff and mongoose, meanwhile, is having a good feast.

Therefore, this friendship has nothing to do with fiction. That is, if we were to introduce Simba into the equation, it is very likely that he would try to eat them, so it is better to leave them as they are.

Picture commensalism: Sinc Agency

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