The Outlook app now allows you to integrate Evernote, Wunderlist and Facebook

The Microsoft Outlook app for Android, used by millions of people to manage their emails and calendar commitments, receives an update that begins to make that last section more useful.

They will start integrating third-party applications so that the data can be displayed as commitments within the Outlook calendar, and these integrations start with Facebook, Evernote and Wunderlist (task management application that Microsoft recently bought).

By integrating evernote we can see how the reminders appear within the outlook calendar, when we do it with Facebook we will see the synchronization of events, and with wunderlist we will see the tasks on the dates defined as key in each project.

Available now on google play, we see how those three applications are now part of a section called Calendar apps, where they plan to continue adding options so that we do not lose any previously defined objective.-

It isn't easy to compete with gmail, but Microsoft is doing its best not to fall behind with its email management app. Even so, when integrating an external mail service using the classic IMAP, it is still easier to do it from gmail than from Outlook, and it is in those details where the difference ends up being noticed.

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