The Planet App, an app that helps us to be ecologically correct

There are many apps that we can use to do our bit when it comes to making a better world, and today we will talk about one specially designed to help with the environment.

This is The Planet App, a mobile application that helps to have a more sustainable lifestyle thanks to the tools that help us calculate, analyze and reduce our personal carbon footprint.

With this application we can learn about this issue, calculate our carbon footprint after completing a questionnaire and have more information about greenhouse gas emissions and how we contribute to them in our day to day, classifying each action in household, food , transportation and lifestyle.

In addition to informing, we can have an action plan, with actions to reduce our footprint. Every thing you do, every habit we include, has an information card to get more details about the environmental impact and the CO2 emissions that we avoid by adopting it.

Every week we analyze what we have done and the objectives achieved, which help to earn points to level up. There are four levels: aware, committed, efficient and sustainable, and we can go from one to another depending on what we are recording and doing.

Available on iOS and android, also in Spanish, you can get more information and download the apps from

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