The possibility of editing tweets, the most demanded suggestion to the Twitter CEO

Twitter users have been asking for the ability to edit tweets for a long time once they are published. Yesterday, once again, this demand was evident within the suggestions for improvements and new characteristics that the CEO, Jack Dorsey, has been collecting from users through a tweet published in his profile where he asked for those improvements they wanted to be named to be implemented over the next year.

Dorsey is in favor of the existence of some form of editing, noting that it is being taken into account from the company. In this sense, raise two possibilities: either a quick editing mode is allowed for a short duration, that is, there is the possibility of editing tweets for a few seconds or minutes once they are published, allowing to correct errors of any kind, Or, an edit mode similar to Facebook is allowed, where users can make edits at any time. For this last possibility, Dorsey believes that a change log should exist.However, despite being frequently requested by users, there are also another group of users who see negative that there is the possibility of editing tweets since in their opinion it would damage the trust in the platform, keeping in mind that Twitter is usually a source of information, which would allow anyone to change their tweets once published to show something different from what they originally transmitted.

For this group of users, deleting tweets and creating new ones would be more than enough. In addition to the possibility of editing tweets, other of the most outstanding suggestions have been the launching of the bookmarks function to access favorite tweets more easily and improvements in the security of people against attacks from other users , something in which from Twitter they give top priority, according to Dorsey.

It will be a matter of those responsible compiling and analyzing all the suggestions to get down to work to make Twitter a better place, and by the way, trying to get new users, a permanent war in which the network itself is immersed microblogging.

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