The projector that transforms any surface into an android touch screen

The idea of ​​having a device that projects an interactive image is not new, we have seen similar projects during the last years, including one from Sony recently, but it seems that they have not just reached the market …

The one we are discussing today may be one of those that will be successful in the future. This is Lazertouch, presented in indiegogo as a projector that can be purchased for approximately 500 dollars, created in China and already presented as a prototype at some fairs in the country.

The goal is to transform walls, tables and other surfaces into touch screens. To do this, it uses a laser parallel to the surface, responsible for detecting the position of our fingers within the projected surface. The device has an internal 13,600mAh battery and works with Android, so you can use any application and resources available on that platform.

The responsible company, Shanghai Easi, has been working on the project for five years, and they have already obtained seven patents related to it, although at the moment it has a long way to go before it can become a reality.

The question is … pay people between $ 500 and $ 600 to touch the wall and open all applications? Is it limited to a small commercial sector that can use this technology for product presentations? Time, as always, will take care of the answers.

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