The quick, light and official version of Twitter that you did not know you can use on the desktop

The quick, light and official version of Twitter that you did not know you can use on the desktop

Last year Twitter introduced the Lite version of its application for low-performance mobile phones. It is basically a progressive web application that consumes more or less resources depending on whether the device has more or less power. This is interesting, also, because you can put a web icon on the desktop and it is as if it were just another application.

In principle this web version is for mobile phones, but thanks to the OMG medium! UBUNTU! We know that now it can also be run on computers, with the advantages that this entails. It is usually the other way around (for people on the mobile phone to search for the full version of the computer), but in this case, the web version is as powerful as the traditional desktop version, in addition to having low resource consumption.

And the traditional web version is like Google Chrome (it consumes more resources than it should, although less and less), so the possibility of running the progressive web application will be perfect for many.

Lite version, now also on desktop

In the mobile web version, we even have a data saver with which neither the images, the videos, nor the GIFs of our tweets will be loaded.timeline. In computer we usually have a fixed network, so we probably do not care about the MB consumption, but perhaps we do care about it on the other hand, such as from the speed side.

mobile web twitter progressive application desktop computer

We will not notice the absence of functions, plus it should work faster

The only thing missing is a button for them to load the new tweets that are published in ourtimeline, although it is probably an error, so, until it is solved, we will have to be reloading the page every so often to check for new ones. Especially it is harmful in the lists, if we use them to work, because we will not know when a new tweet comes from someone we follow.

progressive mobile application twitter desktop computer

It changes the order of things a bit, but it is even more organized. It is simpler, as we say, but it has the same power and the same functions, so the space is much better used. To be able to use it is as simple as entering the mobile version from the browser. It is not even necessary to change the agent of our web browser.

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