The redesigned Firefox for Android arrives with many new features

After a whole year of work, the complete redesign of Firefox for Android devices finally sees the light of day, going from version 68 to version 79, which these days should be reaching the Google Play Store.

The new version releases the new base code, which has been working on for a year under the project under the code name Fnix, and which has been present in the preview and beta versions that have preceded it, in addition to many design and functionalities improvements.

In this respect, in addition to offering a more modern user interface, the updated GeckoView engine offers better performance, which is also coupled with the possibility of bringing the navigation bar to the bottom of the screen if desired, which would offer more convenience for some users, in addition to the possibility of grouping sets of tabs in collections, making use of dark mode in low light conditions, or configuring more privacy options, among other new features.

Mind you, perhaps the most negative aspect is the rather limited support for extensions at the moment. In this sense, Firefox for Android has thousands of extensions available, but it turns out that the new version only offers support for nine extensions, including Dark Reader, HTTPS Everywhere and YouTube High Definition, to name a few of them.

We will have to wait for the remaining extensions to be updated to be able to work under the new version, which deals with the new base code, and that may be the main reason why there is currently no support for more extensions, although the account Extension Officer says more extensions will be coming to the new browser soon.

It will be a matter of waiting for users to continue enjoying their favorite extensions in the new Firefox for Android. Those users who still do not have the new version of Firefox in the Google Play Store and wish to have it already for their mobile devices, just have to go to download the corresponding APK, already available in repositories such as APKMirror.

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