The start menu will return to Windows next August

Windows 9 will be presented on September 30, according to a new source

Microsoft surprised its own and strangers when at the beginning of the month it announced in passing that the start menu would return to Windows. Not many details were given, as it was not even clear if this feature would be part of a new update for Windows 8.1 or if they would leave it for the next version of the operating system, Windows 9 instead.

Update 2 arriving this summer

Now sources assure that we will be able to use the start menu sooner than we thought, with an update scheduled for next August that could be called Update 2 and that would arrive before Windows 9, also known as Threshold. Therefore Microsoft will adapt to a system in which large numerical versions will be interspersed with small Updates with solutions to problems or functions requested by users.

Although this start menu may eventually be delayed until Theshold, the current plan is for it to be featured in Windows 8.1 Update 2, and with it will come the ability to use Metro apps on the desktop with your own window. As for the menu itself, mix the classic concept with the Metro interface, but beyond that not much more is known than Microsoft’s words that this time, they will focus on the desktop.

Source | ZDNet | The Verge

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