The Super Mario 64 mod to exercise while you play

On these days when boredom stalks us every week, games and exercise are often the best distraction and entertainment. However, a streamer has been given the task of join both hobbies so that we can exercise while passing missions in Super Mario 64.

This is possible because SuperLouis64, the creator of this extension of the original game, uses a Kinect that can see the user’s movements and repeat them on the Mario character on screen. Here we have the demo video and everything that can be done.

How the mod works to exercise while playing Super Mario 64

With the help of a Joy-Con and an Xbox 360 Kinect, this streamer managed to create a mod that records all his movements, to later be entered into a kind of database. After its respective process, you get a new version of Super Mario 64 created to do exercises.

Although it is not 100% accurate to say, what you see at first glance promises a lot and it only takes a couple of minutes to watch the video of this streamer, to realize that doing exercises with this method is not as complicated as it seems.

The mechanics of this mod are straightforward: From a small springboard, SuperLouis64 is shown constantly jumping, which it does for a specific reason. From the Joy-Con (the controller of the Nintendo Switch) the player controls the direction in which the character is heading, but not if he jumps, since These actions will be captured exclusively by the Kinect. For example, if you want to eliminate the goombas that appear on the road, you must jump repeatedly to annihilate them all.

On the other hand, you can punch by doing the movement with the Joy-Con attached to the hand, which does not turn out to be an entirely accurate action so far, but it still works and gives its positive results. In general, all the actions that there are must be done with the body crouching or jumping, since from there they derive movements that will be used to jump, crawl in silence or even swim, so playing this you will burn a few calories a day.

In short, the youtuber really achieved his goal: working out using a remastered version of a 90s classic like Super Mario 64. In the video, Louis commented that doing this exercise routine it’s really intense after a while, and it is evident, because if what you want is to defeat all the enemies that appear and finish the game, you will have to perform hundreds and hundreds of jumps, literally. Now we can only wait to see if the mod is released to be able to test it.

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