The technology that can end phantom traffic jams on the roads

The technology that can end phantom traffic jams on the roads

The ghost traffic or ghost jam is a phenomenon that occurs basically because the safety distance is not respected. As you circulate on the road you see that the speed of the traffic decreases or even stops for no apparent reason.

Cars are very close to each other and increasingly reducing their speed; Despite this, there have been no accidents or events that could cause a justified retention. This is what is known as traffic or phantom traffic jam; and it is not solved with an additional lane, as many people think (and as it is occasionally done).

Phantom traffic is like a domino effect: one slows down, the rest also

We can see the explanation (both theoretical and visual) of the video result of an investigation carried out almost 20 years ago, before there were even modern simulators that tried to explain this complex phenomenon to end it. After seeing it, we will understand perfectly why this peculiar phenomenon. But, How do we solve it? Technology has the answer.

Technology as a solution to ghost jams

adaptive cruise control

We are not talking about the solution going through autonomous cars (which, of course, can easily solve this problem), but about something much more basic: the adaptive cruise control.

You probably know the cruise control, although it is not yet installed in all cars (even being modern); It is a driving mode in which we choose the speed and the car always goes to that brand.

adaptive cruise control audi

Adaptive cruise control is basically this, but intelligently: if the car in front brakes, our car also brakes; if the car in front stops, our car stops, always keeping the safety distance.

By leaving the responsibility in the system of our car, human reaction time is removed from the equation, which is much higher than that of a machine. The adaptive cruise system is able to perceive a reduction in speed before the brake lights even come on, making it capable of faster action as well.

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