The text editor for those who write in other languages

If you are used to using Google Translate every day, you may need a different editor than usual.

There is one that can be especially useful: Fluently, now released in beta.

It is an editor specially designed for those who need to create texts in several languages. We just have to click on the upper right button, where it says translate, to indicate the target language and obtain the desired translation.

It is a new web-based tool for content editing and translations, an online text editor with a built-in multilingual translator, dictionary and dictionary of synonyms, all text editing and translation functions in one simple tool.

We can use it to create a document in a foreign language while writing in our mother tongue, although it is important to note that since it is a beta version, it may stop working at any time if there are many users connected.

In addition to the translation, as I have commented, there is the possibility of using synonyms, as in a professional text editor, and they are working on a built-in dictionary to obtain definitions when we need them.

We will keep track of him, as the idea is really great. It would be ideal that the translation can be seen as we write, and that the texts can be translated in more than one language at the same time, although if things go well, we will surely see that and much more in the near future.

You can create your account at

Update 10/22/2020: They have closed the free version to dedicate only to the premium.

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