The Twitter accounts you interact with the most, in the form of a periodic table

The information from Twitter is available to shape curious and innovative initiatives, such as the site that we present below.

With the help of this free web tool, it is possible to create a periodic table displaying the users with whom a given account interacts the most.

Is about, a portal that allows you to create a variety of animated and static graphics, which, as a gallery, present the profile photos and initials of the accounts with which the consulted profile interacts the most.

As it is public information, obtained through the Twitter API, this platform does not require prior registration to use it, nor does it require a login to link any account on the social network. It is enough to indicate which user you want to review in the form that appears on the home page of the site, so that the customization options are immediately displayed.

Videos, GIFs and images with your closest Twitter accounts

Once you enter the graph generator, after pointing to the chosen Twitter account, several options will appear to work.

First, you can choose the geometric appearance of the mosaic to be generated, having as options the aforementioned example of the periodic table, such as a sphere, as a spiral, as a uniform grid, within a circumference or in a totally random distribution.

The size of the canvas can be configured at different resolutions, having as options only the predefined alternatives, which conform to the most common formats and aspect ratios for audiovisual work and the creation of content for social networks.

You can also configure other aspects of the chart, such as its animations, background color, duration, the shape and opacity of the included images, plus other elements.

Once the graphic has been adjusted, it is possible to export it as a still image, as a GIF or as a video, in WEBM format.

With this tool you can easily generate video clips or graphics with powerful visual appeal for social networks. Even with some creativity and combining the appropriate settings, you can achieve an effect similar to that of the introduction of the television series. Breaking bad.

On occasions, due to restrictions inherent to the Twitter API that limit the number of requests received every 15 minutes, the service may be temporarily interrupted, according to what is anticipated in the section on frequent questions of the portal.

A sample shared as an example by the site is the periodic table of the users with whom it interacts. Jack dorsey, co-founder of this popular social network. Similarly, you can test this tool with our account from Twitter, where we instantly share each of our publications and news.

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