The webs that the NSA uses to spy

The webs that the NSA uses to spy

The NSA remains in the eye of the hurricane for its practical controversies. The last case is that of the websites that the NSA uses to spy.

When the malware installed by the NSA On computers and other devices, you obtain important information about the use we give you, such as the sites we visit, the transfers we make or the emails we send, you have to send it somewhere.

For this, the organization has several servers that receive this information and add them to the database that has all kinds of users, especially if they are outside the United States. But those servers cannot have any address.

These are the websites that the NSA uses to spy

Kaspersky researchers found that to camouflage this collection of information, the NSA took over several naming domains. little suspect. It makes sense, since connections to servers with strange URLs would catch your eye.

Instead on the list of domain names used by the NSA we find several that seem relatively harmless, like ad-noise [.] Net and ad-void [.] Com that seem related to advertising services; Someone who reviewed the connections while browsing would not find them suspicious.

We also found others that seem aimed at deceiving a particular type of user, such as arabtechmessenger [.] Net or islamicmarketing [.] Net, which are clearly aimed at spying on suspected Islamists. But we also find others posing as news pages or download programs, like noticiasftpsrv [.] com or downloadmpplayer [.] com.

It goes without saying that you should not attempt to access those pages, although since the list was published its utility has disappeared. The NSA is no longer interested in continuing to maintain them, and they may well end up on the market. But, will you buy a domain name that was used to spy? According to an expert contacted by Wired many of them would have a high value, and could be paid up to $ 40,000 for one ascustomerscreensavers [.] com.

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