The worst superpowers we could have in real life

The worst superpowers we could have in real life

Use the terms super powers and real life in the same sentence it already indicates that we are going to talk about hypothetical cases, but that does not mean that they are interesting.

It is clear that super powers are a matter of comics and science fiction movies, for which we allow their authors the license to give their protagonists qualities that will make them miserable before super heroes, but since we are here to talk about science we are going to tell you some of the powers that, according to a recent video from the Screen Rant channel, would be a true nuisance to its bearers.

Leaving aside the impossibility of these powers existing or not and assuming that for some reason there is someone on earth with those capacities, they would have very serious problems which, of course, will not leave you wanting to save the world. Let’s see a list of some of them.

Super powers in real life

1. Superman super odo

You don’t really have to be an expert in quantum physics to understand that in real life this problem would be truly annoying.

Yes, okay, with his super odo superman I could hear anyone in danger, however far away, but I would also hear absolutely all the voices and noises around youmaking it impossible sleep, rest or find out than what they tell you in a direct conversation.

But hey, during your time as teen farmer in SmallvilleClark Kent took care to learn to master this little drawback; so, come on, we will forgive him, for that is a alien.

2. Professor X’s telepath

As you know, the telepath is the ability to heard the thoughts of others and it is a very interesting power, because it serves the Professor X to communicate with their peers without speaking and, in addition, to anticipate the actions of your enemies.

This is all very well, but we must not forget that this gift would also allow Charles Xavier listening to other thoughts that would be indifferent, from the simplest to others much deeper, and may lead to a emotional overload.

3. The invisibility of the invisible woman

Being invisible is cool, whatever science says. We have all wanted to be one, especially after messing up with many people watching, but the truth is that it is better that we stay as we are, because the invisibility could you leave us blind, so that others could not see us, but we could not see them either.

This is because, in order for us to see, the light must initiate the retinal epithelium of the eye, from where the nervous stimulus what to travel to visual cortex to produce the image of what we see. So the Sue Storm’s invisible retina could not perform this function, triggering a blindness that he could only recover by leaving behind his invisibility.

4. The Night Lurker Teleport

The teleportation It’s one of the super powers more interesting on a scientific level; well, along with travels in the time, is a skill that has been flirted with on more than one occasion.

However, just as they paint it on comics and films Like the ones of X Men, could give rise to certain problems, such as a painful fusion with small objects at the place of displacement.

5. Dr. Manhattan and his manipulation of size

The capacity of Dr manhattan to get much bigger it does not seem to have more than advantages, because with the increasing its dimensions Also their strength and their ability to achieve impossible goals for a simple and small human would be increased.

However, we must not forget that the body (and the mutant too) is not prepared to endure a major structure than you normally have, so possibly after your stretching you will suffer terrible pains and their organs will suffer, like the giants do in real life; that, unlike in movies, they are not much higher than a average human.

6. The Hulk’s super strength


The super force It’s fine to fight villains, but in real life it would be a real condemnation.

Remember the story of king midasWho wanted to turn everything he touched into gold and ended up doing it also with all the food and drink that passed through his hands and even with his own daughter? Well, in this case something like this would happen, because it could not hold a glass without breaking it, type on a computer without sinking the keys or to shake hands someone without breaking all their bones. Did you still see advantages?

7. The alteration of the reality of The Mask

In addition to being a very funny character, The Mask has the ability to alter reality in a crazy way, just thinking about it.

However, the subconscious might mess things up , because the gift could remain while falls asleep or fantasizes, give place to terrible consequences. Imagine that everything you think was fulfilled? It will be a real disaster!

8. Wolverine’s immortality

We all love itlive forever, but we would like to do it in the world we live in, with the people we love.

However, To be immortal It means seeing all the loved ones die and, in addition, it also implies that in the distant future, in the hypothetical case of the end of humanity, we stay alone wandering the Earth.

Seen like this it is terrifying.

9. Pcara and the absorption of powers

If all the powers seem to be great soon, what has to be truly incredible is power absorb them all, as it does Pcara, a character from the X-Men who, in addition, can also absorb life energy and memories of others.

However, on the one hand it will be a very big problem, because all the disadvantages that we have seen so far; but, on the other hand, if we focus on what this gift would be like in real life, in reality it would not be a gift or anything, because since there was no one else with powers, there would be nothing to absorb.

10. Spiderman and his ability to climb walls

Climb the walls It should be a great way to cross Madrid’s Gran Va in full Christmas shopping or any other crowded street in the world, without having to collide with strangers every two seconds.

However, if we compare ourselves with the gecko, which is the largest animal with the ability to climb, to have its adherence we would have to have 145 feet and, on them, some pads that finished giving us a look embarrassing and very useless to go unnoticed.

As you can see, all this is just a fun way to see how badly the super powers in real life, but we must not forget thatcinema and comics largely made up of fictional stories And, as long as science isn’t kicked around trying to be rigorous, we don’t have to criticize them.

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