The Xiaomi G9 vacuum cleaner is back with a tremendous promotion

Xiaomi has no limits, both manufactures mobiles, vacuum cleaners or WiFi repeaters, and always manages to have a quality price that scares the competition.

On the subject of vacuum cleaners, the G9 attracted a lot of attention months ago, but the stock ran out in a very short time. Now the brand announces its return.

We are talking about a vacuum cleaner, available at this link, with several points that are worth highlighting:

  • Simple battery replacement, doubled runtime
  • V-shaped brush, no hair tangles
  • Large rollers for less effort
  • High speed 4,100,000 rpm / min brushless motor and 1200 AW high suction power
  • Multiple cone cyclonic separation system
  • 0.6 L dust container, flush with one button
  • 5-level filters, washable filter elements.
  • Large capacity batteries (7 x 2500 mAh), 60 minute battery runtime
  • Wall charging stand that charges two batteries at the same time
  • Several brushes for varied scenarios.

Battery replacement

The battery can be easily replaced to double the operating time.

Vacuums are known to consume a lot of electricity, which can affect efficiency, as many people have to stop and recharge in the middle of cleaning. To fix it, G9 is equipped with a 7 * 2500 mAh battery that guarantees a 60 minute operating time. Most surprisingly, the battery is easy to replace, greatly extending the service life of the vacuum cleaner. Just an extra battery can double the run time without recharging problems, especially when cleaning large areas, like the entire apartment.

V-shaped brush

Common vacuums often have hair tangled in the rotating brush and a blocked suction port. What can you do besides removing it with your hands? The G9 rotating brush adopts a V-shaped design to enlarge the diameter of tangled hair and reduce tangled twists for easy hair removal. The hairs can be easily cleaned with a comb to avoid tangles effectively.

Big rollers

The main brush is equipped with large rollers so that the vacuum cleaner moves easily, even on carpets.

In built-in vacuums, the motor, dust container, and battery come together in the same area, which is difficult for people with less arm strength to operate. To avoid this, there are two large rollers equipped on the main brush to effectively reduce resistance against the ground and improve balance. That is why the G9 can easily walk on carpets.

Multi-cone cyclonic separation system, five-level filtration, powerful suction and dust absorption

Efficiently separates dust and air to prevent airway blockage, with multi-level filtration to prevent fine dust from contaminating the air

Through the rotation of the motor, the vacuum cleaner generates high-speed rotating wind and centrifugal force to separate the dust into the corresponding container. While the single cone cyclone filter system cannot absorb and separate ultrafine dust, common vacuums are sure to cause secondary air pollution. G9 integrates a multi-cone cyclonic separation system with five-level filtration. It quickly moistens the large particles to the bottom of the dust container, separates the dust and gas and, through the filter levels, absorbs the 0.3um fine dust with an efficiency of 99.97%.

Release and clean the powder cup with a button

Features an extra-large 0.6L dust bin, removable for unloading and cleaning.

The last thing we want to do while vacuuming is unloading the dustpan. The cups of some vacuum cleaners are not removable or they spill dust all over the place or, worse still, on the hands and face. The G9 powder cup can be released and discharged with one button. The removable cup essentially frees us from the annoying discharge, cleaning and drying.

In addition, G9 is also equipped with 100,000rpm / min high speed brushless motor, which provides 1200AW high suction power that can easily remove expensive dust. It has three modes to switch freely for different needs. It is also equipped with a wall charging rack that can charge two batteries at the same time, allowing the entire apartment to be cleaned. Provides a variety of brushes for different scenarios. And the filter elements can be washed with water to avoid secondary air pollution.

Purchase Links

You can buy at this link from April 6 (8:00 am) to April 9 at the same time. These are the prices:

– Regular price: $ 209.99– Sale price $ 191.99– Coupon of 5 dollars on the web.– Code 0406G9 of additional discount of 8 dollars– Final price $ 178.99 191.99-5-8 = 178.99

To consider:

  • All customers who buy Xiaomi G9 vacuum cleaners can get a free Oclean electric toothbrush.
  • 10 buyers will be randomly selected for free orders.
  • The top 50 orders will receive the DDPAI mini3 for free.
  • 50 buyers will be randomly selected and will get the DDPAI N3 for free.

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