There is a glove that translates the sign language in real time

The sign language of one country is different from that of another, since there is no international standard that regulates it in that sense. That makes it even more difficult to understand for those who have not been practicing for years, since we can learn one area, but not all.

In order to bring us closer to this world, bioengineers at UCLA have designed a kind of glove that translates American Sign Language into English. The person who performs the signs will have to wear the glove, and the translated text can be seen on the mobile.

The invention, published in the journal Nature Electronics, has been led by Professor Jun Chen, who believes that, in addition to helping to translate, it can help those who are interested in learning the language.

The device has thin, flexible sensors that you put on your fingers. They have electrical conducting wires, and act in one way or another depending on how the fingers move, identifying the relative positions of one with the other and thus generating the corresponding words, phrases and letters.

Once the movement is made, the sensors are responsible for transforming them into electrical signals that are sent to a very small plate (the size of a coin). This board will be responsible for sending the signals to the mobile, to an app that displays the words at a rate of one per second.

There are also sensors on the faces, in the mouth and in the eyebrows, so that it is possible to capture facial expressions (also used in American Sign Language)

The device will be cheap, and there are already 4 people who have carried out the tests successfully and who have helped train the system to recognize 600 signs in total.

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