There is a new version of Telegram, the APK

Telegram for android can be downloaded without problems from the Google store, but from now on there will be another version without restrictions that users can download directly from the web.

The reason is clear: if you want to appear in the Google store you have to meet a series of requirements imposed by the company, on the other hand, if you distribute the APK file for direct installation, there are no restrictions of any kind, you can install from games of chance and you bet until virus.

The APK version that Telegram offers from now on on its website is not the same as the one on its store. While on Google Play version 7.6.0 appears, on its website 7.7.0 appears in the form of an APK file.

At the moment they have not given details of the differences between the two, they have only said, literally:

The APK version has less restrictions and receives automatic updates from

Telegram is user-generated content, and that is a very sensitive topic when we talk about public channels. Telegram contains groups and channels dedicated to pornography or film distribution, and this type of content can generate problems of various kinds, even banning on some occasions.

On the other hand, Telegram is preparing a monetization system, and it will surely only be available in the APK version to avoid having to pay the corresponding fee to Google.

You can download the APK file directly to your mobile, and install it after giving the corresponding permissions, following this link (click here).

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