These are the best Gmail tricks, to make the most of it

There are millions of Gmail users in the world, but most do not know the tricks that are within the platform, tricks that can help increase our productivity so as not to waste time with actions that, otherwise, can be done in seconds.

In our new video we talk about some of those tricks, an updated list with the latest news that Google has included in Gmail:

As you can see, we talked about how to include photos by dragging without appearing in the body of the email, a trick to include professional signatures in a few minutes and for free, a way to free up space by filtering old and heavy emails, how to filter searches with labels, such as attach emails within other emails, like reading one email after another without returning to the main page … actions that many know, which we have been talking about in WWWhatsnew as they have appeared in the last 15 years.

It is difficult to keep the list updated, since Gmail is one of Google’s favorite children and the news appears on a monthly basis. Always be attentive to the news that we publish on this platform, and remember to subscribe to our YouTube channel, where we will always collect the best tricks to keep up to date with what this email client can offer us.

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