These are the latest enhancements to Microsoft Teams Rooms for Android

Microsoft is bringing a series of improvements to Microsoft Teams rooms for Android devices this April, with the intention of improving the visibility of the next scheduled meetings and accessing them more easily.

In this sense, the improvements have consisted of the launch of a modernized and elegant version of the calendar widget on the home screen, the launch of the new touch console experience, and improvements to the Microsoft Teams rooms under the Personal mode.

Regarding the calendar widget, the new version also makes it possible to make visible the next scheduled meetings to facilitate access to them, not only the current one, also taking the familiar controls aside to offer a more modern and elegant appearance.

The new experience of what is the optional touch console device moves away from remote control simulation to offer a user interface similar to those of Microsoft Teams rooms on Windows, including a calendar view and a view for meetings and most important calls.

Microsoft specifies that:

Once you join a meeting, you can take advantage of call-out functionality, switch between gallery views, see raised hands, and use inclusive features like setting and activating live captions.

The company also calls for verifying the compatibility of the device with the new experience, and clarifies that Microsoft Teams rooms will continue to work on Android without the console, although when the console is paired, the controls on Android devices will disappear, allowing room management directly on the console.

Finally, Microsoft talks about the improvements to the Teams rooms for Android for those who make use of the Teams rooms in their home offices and under their personal accounts.

In this sense, they will be allowed to blur the background or change it completely, they will be able to start and stop recordings for distribution of their meetings for later access to those who have not been able to attend (this function is compatible with personal accounts but will soon also reach the shared accounts, also called resource accounts), and they will also be able to log in to the whiteboard from their device, something that was not possible until now.

In this sense, they should look for the Share whiteboard menu option, which is currently available for personal accounts, but later will also reach shared or resource accounts, according to the company.

This is all new to date, where those new to Teams rooms on Android also have a comprehensive guide to get familiar.

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