These are the new Acer Mixed Reality glasses

Acer has introduced a new version of its headphones Windows Mixed Reality at IFA in Berlin.

It is the Acer OJO 500, with a more modular design, since it has removable parts. The objective is to attract the attention of museums and attractions, since they are prepared to have a very intense use, with several users several times a day. Both the lens and the head strap can be completely removed and cleaned.

Acer ships the EYE 500 with a hard or soft head strap, and the soft version is machine washable.

The mask can rotate, so we do not have to remove the glasses completely to check the environment, and it also has a built-in interpupillary distance wheel (IPD) to adjust the distance between the screen and people's eyes, thus adapting quickly to different users.

Acer is also improving its field of view with a wider 100-degree view thanks to two 2.89-inch (2880 x 1440) LCD screens. While Samsung integrates its own headphones into its mixed reality headsets, Acer has created a sound tube that allows users to listen to audio without wearing glasses.

Acer's OJO 500 headphones will be available in both the United States and Europe in November starting at $ 399 (price in euros within Europe not yet known).

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