They create a golf club that never deflects the ball

It seems that Shane Wighton has decided to adopt the mission of making life easy for athletes in the practice of their sports.

This, because last month he had become the protagonist of a story in which, through his YouTube channel, he had made the presentation of an invention developed by him consisting of a basketball basket with the capacity to allow the launches made towards her were successful.

For its operation, Wighton calculated all the possible trajectories described by the ball, which were adjusted by it by applying a curvature to the board generated by the computer.

On this occasion, Wighton presents us with a golf club that has a much more sophisticated technology, since inside it has a series of sensors implanted with the capacity to determine aspects such as the trajectory, the vertical angle and the speed of the club.

In this sense, the sensors act by estimating the angle at which the tip of the club will hit the ball, then transmitting this information generated to motors in charge of adjusting the angle of the head, so that any potential deviation is corrected, making it possible ace perform perfect swing.

Added to this, the ability present in the head to correct the angle of the club gives this great versatility, being able to be used like any iron between 1 and 11, an aspect that will allow this prototype to basically replace half a golf cart.

In this sense, selecting the club is a simple task where the person simply has to mark the type of club or the distance they want to reach.

However, when it comes to automatic angle detection, Wighton did not have it so easy, since to do this he had to measure his own swing and estimate a reasonable average, in order to provide the club with precision when making the swing. hitting the ball, which, while it works, still takes a lot more time for Wighton to finish perfecting the system.

Another failure to correct in the club will be to grant it the ability to make adjustments beyond the vertical angle, since even its use is capable of allowing shots to the right or left (slice or hook), this being an aspect in which Wighton has promised to work when he develops the second version of the golf club.

And it is that for Wighton it is quite a challenge to find materials that can provide enough resistance to channel the considerable force generated by the club on the ball when it is hit.

However, we are confident that with more hours of programming and a few additional features, this golf club will be perfected enough to become the quintessential golf teacher.

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