They develop artificial intelligence that detects racist comments on websites

It seems that, along with COVID-19, racism has become another issue of general interest these days, forming part of the conversations generated in our daily lives thanks to the BLM (Blacks Lives Matter) movement that has carried out an entire campaign focused on making this issue visible.

On the other hand, in the field of technology, systems have been developing focused on countering racism on the internet, intercepting all those statements that promote or generate a derogatory tendency towards a particular group, all with the help of artificial intelligence.

That’s right, a company called UserWay has developed a script, which has been cataloged by it as The world’s most advanced AI-based self-remediation technology

It should be noted that the company has a paid offer which has a content moderator based on AI with which they hope to be able to provide companies and companies with the guarantee that their websites will remain free of conflicting or divisive language that may imply discrimination based on factors such as race, gender, age or disability.

In order to demonstrate the effectiveness of its tool, UserWay carried out a test on 500 thousand websites, finding 52% of these derogatory comments alluding to race, 24% derogatory comments towards gender and 12% towards gender. age.

Among the words taken into account as criteria by the UserWay tool at the time of carrying out its work are black sheep, black list, president, humanity along with words associated with a more radically offensive language.

In addition to the tests carried out on the set of websites, UserWay carried out tests on well-known news media websites.

The result showed that each of these pages presented comments of a discriminatory or derogatory nature, being The Washington Examiner the first on the list, followed by others like The Daily Caller,,,, Y The Washington Post.

If you want more information about this technology you can do it by entering HERE

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