They modify a car to detect drugs hundreds of meters away

They modify a car to detect drugs hundreds of meters away

With an invention like this, Breaking Bad would be over soon: they create a car capable of detecting drugs hundreds of meters away.

In order to reduce pollution, a few months ago a professor at the University of Texas designed and manufactured a device capable of detecting particles pollutants on roads and highways, all installed in a car.

Of AH, Guido Verbeck he thought he could flip his system around: use it as a drug detection system, since the hardware was sensitive enough to detect chemical substances (and those that also arise from the reactions during its production) of the remote drugs.

The moving drug detector car

Thus, this professor along with the people from Syracuse East, a company dedicated to gas analysis, modified a 2015 Ford Fusion car to create a whole moving drug detector, capable of snorting or smelling the environment.

The equipment integrated in the car is based on amass spectrometer which, among other applications, is used to detect certain chemicals. Thus, it has been modified to detect in particular the methamphetamine and fentanyl particles.

The navigation system automatically guides you to drug production

In tests to see if the invention worked, simulated a methamphetamine lab that expelled the production gases to the outside through the ventilation system and the car system detected its presence at more than 300 meters. With an accuracy of less than 5 meters, the location appears in the car’s navigator to allow it to be located.

Obviously, this would not apply to finding small drug outlets, but would be aimed at facilitating the investigation and detection of large hidden production centers. DEA (United States Drug Control Administration) has already been interested in the Verbeck system, which would cost between 80,000 and 100,000 dollars, but would greatly facilitate your fight against drug trafficking.

That yes, this type of technology also implies the reform of the law, since this type of detectors would be declared unconstitutional. All the details of this chemistry professor’s project here.

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