This application gives a new function to your old mobile

If you are a fan of gifs and you have an old mobile in one of the drawers of the house, you are perfect to take advantage of Gif TV.

It is an application that allows you to create GIF channels to play them continuously on your mobile screen. So you can turn your mobile into a small TV of personalized gifs.

The dynamics to use Gif TV is very simple. Once you install the apps, you will have to create an account to choose the gifs that will be part of your channels. Don’t worry, you won’t have to export them. To choose them you can use the search engine to find thousands of GIPHY gifs, and select them for your channel.

Once you have all the gifs you need, you can now play them on your channel continuously following the order you established. A tip so that you have thousands of gifs without having to go through the search is to create a channel from a hashtag. That way, you’ll have an incredible collection of gifs to play on your channel automatically in full screen.

And of course, you can also see the channels created by other users, or share yours with your friends. Remember that it works like a mini TV, so the gifs will play all the time until you leave the channel.

And if you become very fans of this application, take a look at the Kickstarter campaign of its creators, who propose a small support to make your mini TV with gifs come true.

You can download Gif TV from Google Play or App Store.

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