This backlit control panel for the computer makes us very envious

This backlit control panel for the computer makes us very envious

This DIY project is not particularly useful but it does boast: a PC control panel.

Its creator has shared it on Imgur and it has immediately become a sensation.

It is a real panel, and it does not have any touch screens, they are all controls and buttons like before. It is huge, compared to the monitors that this user has, but thanks to its LED backlight it looks like something out of a spaceship.

A science-fiction-like PC control panel

Do you want to open a web browser? You can double click the icon on the desktop, or you can operate one of these controls, it is evident which option is the coolest.

The green switches section is responsible for starting the programs you use the most, with names like anti-reality creator to start Adobe Premiere, or subspace satellite communications to start Chrome. As I saw, everything very logical and in the place where we expected to find things.

The panel has dedicated controls for the most used programs, such as activating Photoshop effects, as well as others dedicated to basic system functions such as saving, closing, or printing.

You know you have done a good thing in this life when you have an iTunes control with a button called more rock and another less rock.

Its creator assures that he has no idea what he is doing, but the panel saves too many details to believe it. As the emergency control of Artificial Intelligence is broken.

In the Imgur album you can see the process of building this control panel for the PC, in case you dare to make your own version.

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