This is BionicSwift, the new flying robot from Festo that resembles real birds

As soon as we get to know the German robotics company Festo, we know that they like to create robots that closely resemble real animals, trying to replicate their natural movements, as we saw six years ago.

Now they surprise us with BionicSwift, their new flying robot, which stands out for trying to very precisely imitate the movement of birds, for which they have developed a system of light wings using a artificial feather set, getting the closest possible approach to the movement of a flying animal.

For this they have used a series of individual sheets, made of light foam, giving it the necessary flexibility and robustness, being placed one behind the other, connecting to a carbon pen, which is finally attached to the wings of the hand and arm, like real birds.

These sheets, which are basically artificial feathers, allow BionicSwift generate practically the same movement as real birds, with the individual blades unfolding in the upward movements, generating that necessary air impulse, and closing in the downward movements to release the air.

In addition, within BionicSwift you will find the mechanisms necessary for the flapping of the wings, their communication and control systems, the motherboard, the battery, as well as other light elements, all integrated into a light body allowing you to get the agility you need for your movements.

And with the use of the indoor GPS system, based on a radio with ultra-wideband technology, the BionicSwift robotic birds they will be able to fly safely in a space delimited by a system of fixed anchors, in a coordinated manner, according to a pattern of movements that has been predefined.

If necessary, the BionicSwift robotic birds will also be able to correct routes autonomously, to ensure their safety without the need for human intervention.

Image credit: Festo

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