This is Black Shark 4, the new 5G mobile for gamers with pop-up buttons

Black Shark, with headquarters in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Hong Kong, is a company specialized in the world of games, with hardware, software and services specialized in this sector, and is now concentrating on mobile devices creating units with characteristics designed for this audience.

It has now announced the Black Shark 4 gaming phones in China, with Pop-up mechanical buttons and ultra-fast 120W charging.

Here I leave you with the characteristics of this mobile, now available on aliexpress:

Pop-up buttons

The pop-up buttons were created to give more precise control of touch mobile games. They use a new technology that raises the buttons using magnetism, integrating the design with the rest of the body of the mobile.

These handy in-game buttons can also be used to take screenshots, screen recordings, and other day-to-day functions.

Ultra-fast 120W charging and 4500 mAh battery

Another striking feature is the high-capacity 4,500mAh battery and ultra-fast 120W charging, keeping you hooked all day. The battery can be charged to 100% in just 16 minutes, while in the Pro version we see a full charge in just 15 minutes.

Gaming performance

The Black Shark 4 and Black Shark 4 Pro are equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 870 and Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 respectively. The latter, the 888, uses an advanced 5nm process for better performance and low power consumption, with the full suite of Snapdragon Elite Gaming technologies. Use a new generation of liquid cooling to avoid overheating.

As for the rest of the hardware, they come standard with LPDDR5 RAM and UFS3.1 flash storage. They also tell us that the Black Shark 4 Pro can boast of being the first to have a matrix storage system and a RAMDISK disk accelerator, which makes both games and apps in general load very fast.

144 Hz display

And if the 120Hz screens of other mobiles are already surprising, imagine 144. It is a Samsung AMOLED screen of 6.67 inches with a huge frequency so that the games are more fluid.

The touch sample rate is up to 720 Hz, and it features a touch delay of just 8.3 ms, the lowest on the market. The trigger delay is 24 ms.

Still, we can always set the screen to 60Hz, 90Hz or 120Hz.

When it comes to interaction, it features Master Touch 5.0, which allows you to create custom functions based on the applied variable pressure.


The sound also attracts attention thanks to dual symmetrical speakers and a large sound cavity. Its design creates a spatial stereo effect even when headphones are not used. In fact, the Pro is ranked # 1 in the DXOMARK audio benchmarks.


The main camera is 64 MP, and it also has an 8 MP wide-angle camera and a 5 MP macro camera. They can capture 60 frames per second and sharp 4K images, and have the ability to enhance the night scene and stabilize motion, as well as record video with HDR10 +.

Of course, the side buttons can also be used to control the camera, take photos, and control the zoom.

Link and price

The Black Shark 4 and accessories are available for $ 379 and $ 459 (about $ 389). in this link using coupon BLACKSHARK20, on aliexpress, from China. They are prices valid until April 2.

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