This is Fastboard, a simple collaborative digital whiteboard in real time

The coronavirus pandemic has brought with it a greater use of the Internet for purposes that until just a year ago were usually done in person, including education through its different educational cycles.

Throughout this pandemic year, which is just one year old today, all existing online tools related to the world of education have been improved, as well as new ones that make it possible to cover other educational needs of study centers and institutions in a moment, especially in the first months, in which all educational activity has been taken to the Internet.

A New Resource Arriving in Support of Online Education

And to all the options present so far it is added now Fastboard, a free, open source, web-based, real-time collaborative whiteboard service developed by Jess Martnez Saugar in his spare time in support of online education.

Its operation is more than simple, where it is not even necessary to have a user account. All you have to do is create a panel by entering your own name and that of the panel to obtain a unique link to share with the rest of the collaborators in different ways so that they can join it.

In this regard, the rest of the collaborators can enter directly from the shared link or by indicating the panel id or url on the Fastboard website through the Join option.

Once inside, all participants will have very basic tools such as pencil, pen, marker, eraser, among others, even allowing local images (available on the devices themselves) to be attached to the panels themselves as part of the process.

If desired, any of them can also have a copy in .jpg image format of everything developed in the panel to save it locally. The panel will disappear as the last participant who was present exits.

As we say, it is an open source project, for which those interested will have the corresponding source code through the Microsoft GitHub repository.

As explained from the web:

Draw, sketch, work with text and images with anyone on the other side. Explore ideas directly from the web in a fast and easy way.

It is already a matter of adopting it and using it in combination with other tools on a daily basis in the educational field and in all those fields where it is necessary to have a collaborative digital whiteboard, for example, in companies where you want to work on the development of any project .

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