This is iTest, the new thing from Samsung to simulate the Galaxy mobile experience on iPhone

Samsung puts the spotlight on iPhone phone users with the launch of iTest, a web application that simulates the Android experience of the company’s Galaxy phones on those phones.

For it, from the website users of iPhone phones are asked to add it to the home page to run as one more application. Once launched, iPhone users will be able to change the system customization through themes, access a number of system functions and basic applications, such as the Camera application or the contact list, be able to navigate through the Galaxy Store, receive message notifications, and even receive incoming calls, all simulated.

Seeking to convince iPhone users to migrate to Galaxy phones

Yes OK there are some limitations in the simulation, iTest allows iPhone users to have a clearer idea of ​​the experience offered on Galaxy phones, also serving as a temptation to migrate from their iPhone to Samsung Galaxy phones.

Everything indicates that iTest is a Samsung initiative in New Zealand, where it is currently being advertised, even though the web app is accessible globallyAccording to MacRumor, it is quite likely that Samsung can take the iTest announcements to other markets as part of its marketing plans.

And it is not only used to promote the Galaxy mobile experience among iPhone users, since The existence of other devices of the Galaxy ecosystem is also promoted within the simulation of the experience, like his headphones and smart watches, reaching the point that in the Galaxy Store there is a banner advertising Fornite, the game that Apple removed from its App Store.

iTest appears to be Samsung’s response to Apple’s statements earlier this year, which indicated that iPhones have driven the growth of iPhone users from Android mobiles.

It should also be taken into account that the Apple developer event will be held from June 7 to 11, where the arguments and data favorable to Apple’s journey in the last year will surely not be lacking, so iTest adds more read to the fire on the iOS-Android dichotomy.

On the other hand, If users access the iTest website from an Android device, they will be told that they are already on Android, while if they access from a desktop browser, iTest itself will offer a QR code to scan from an iPhone device.

It is already a question of whether iPhone users are finally convinced to migrate to Android or stay a while longer on iOS.

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