This is Kishi, the new Razer controller, which turns mobile phones into game consoles

In recent times, we are seeing specific models of mobile phones that are geared towards gaming emerging. And while many current game titles can be played through touch screens, the use of dockable controllers will always be more functional, allowing mobile phones themselves to be converted into a kind of portable consoles, with their levers, buttons and other devices. elements.

Now Razer just released Kishi, your new mobile phone-dockable gaming controller, with which he wants to deal with some of the problems found in models previously released by other companies.

In this sense, the new Kishi will connect to the phone directly via the USB-C port (which should be located in the middle of the bottom of the phone), managing to offer a lower latency compared to controllers that work via Bluetooth, so there is no need for pre-pairing or separate power for the device.

Kishi has a universal fit, adaptable to any moderately current model, allowing to integrate the telephone inside, between the two parts of the control, without the need for any additional fastening element.

On the left side it will offer a trigger, an analog lever, direction buttons and function buttons, while on the right side it will offer, in addition to another analog lever and trigger button, standard front buttons, indicator, among other elements.

Currently, Kishi is compatible with a number of mobile phones under Android, including the Razer 1 and 2, the Google Pxel from version 2 and 2XL onwards, as well as current models of Samsung Galaxy S (except for the Galaxy S20 Ultra) and current Note, as well as other models that have a certain range of heights and thicknesses, and have at least Android 8 onwards.

Unfortunately, this device prevents access to those headphone ports in those models that have it, and it even lacks compatibility with wired headphones, and the ventilation holes are not well resolved, since it only lets sound through if the speakers they are only at the bottom.

That’s right, Kishi is compatible with cloud-based gaming platforms, like Google Stadia, Nvidia Geforce, and Microsoft xCloud. It is currently on sale for Spain for 89 euros through the official website.

For this next summer to launch a version for iPhone that will depend on the Lightning connector.

Image Credit: Razer

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