This is Shoploop, Google’s new shopping platform based on short videos

From Area 120, Google’s in-house laboratory for experimental projects, now comes Shoploop, the new online shopping experience based on short videos. Nobody should escape the fact that short videos are dominating the content of social platforms as the way to offer short, direct and concise information to the users themselves.

And Shoploop does not pretend to be less, offering in a unified way, without the need to alternate between different applications, an online platform in which users can discover new products, have a closer idea of ​​them without having to go to physical establishments. , through the short duration videos, and later be redirected to the electronic commerce platforms that have them for sale.

So that you can have a more accurate idea of ​​the products, Shoploop will offer videos of 90 seconds maximum duration, carried out by people who have extensive knowledge of these products and can offer a clear and direct idea of ​​them within the short video duration that the platform allows.

As if that was not enough, users will also have the possibility to track your favorite creators to know the reviews of products that are published at all times.

Once users have a better idea, they can either save the desired products to make their purchases on later occasions, or go directly to buy them on the e-commerce platforms that offer them.

Google points out that for the moment will focus on the line of beauty products, under the categories of makeup, skin care, hair and nails. In addition, it calls on both content creators and e-commerce platforms to join the new platform.

For the moment, Shoploop is only available via the web for mobile devices, focused on mobiles first, for users in the United States, but since Area 120 they are already working to launch a version that can be used on desktop computers.

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