This is the annual Android security report

The annual Android security report is now available in PDF, a document that, for the second consecutive year, shows an analysis of what Google does to protect the android world, a study of the new protection measures presented last year, Data on the work Google is doing with the community of researchers in matters related to general security and statistics that will help us learn more about the sector.

In the Google blog they make a summary in Spanish, where they indicate how they have improved machine learning technology to detect behaviors that can be harmful to our devices or our data. They talk about harmful apps (Potentially Harmful Apps, PHA) and how the probability of installing such an app through Google Play was reduced by more than 40% (compared to 2014 data), thus as well as the security improvements implemented in the new version of android (6.0).

They also refer to the rewards offered to security researchers when they find a bug, as well as the launch of the monthly public program on security updates from the Android Open Source Project.

There is still a long way to go, but it is clear that the android world is safer today than before, although it must always be remembered that the installation via Google Play helps a lot to avoid the installation of malware and other PHAs.

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