This is the holographic Skype that Microsoft has prepared for us

This is the holographic Skype that Microsoft has prepared for us

Microsoft wants revolutionize the way we communicate with Hololens.

We are in full struggle between the different manufacturers that are betting a lot to create the best solution for virtual reality.

We have recently compared what some of the protagonists offer such as Oculus, HTC Vive and more, but it is not all a matter of getting more and more games and exclusive content for a platform. Microsoft continues its tactic of showing actual uses of your Hololens, which combine virtual and augmented reality.

Holoportation, holographic communication is here

On the occasion of the Super Bowl, they showed us what it would be like to enjoy such an event with Hololens glasses (literally the players entered your room), now they show us what the Skype of the future will be like, which they have called Holoportation.

It is literally the holographic communication that we have seen in dozens of science fiction movies. Holoportation recreates users in real time and in full size elsewhere, being able to communicate and interact with each other despite being separated by kilometers.

That s, to achieve this they use an arsenal of 3D detection cameras, sensors And, of course, the Hololens glasses, so at the moment it is only a demonstration of what they are capable of doing with them. As always, these videos have to be caught with caution, because Microsoft is selling Hololens to us very well, but at the moment there is no final product.

Remember that the first units will be available to developers at a medical price of $ 3,000 a unit.

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