This is the most ridiculous and absurd website you will find this month

Every day we come across websites whose usefulness is really zero, sites that we often ignore, although sometimes they are so original that we end up putting them in the category Applications with no apparent utility (whose link you can see at the bottom of this publication).

Today the time has come to nurture this category, which we had already abandoned a long time ago.

The reason is simple: there is a gem on that deserves to be discovered.

This is a site that detects the position of the mouse and displays a random photo with people pointing at the mouse cursor. No matter where it is, you can put the cursor in the center, in a corner, at the top … regardless of the pixel it occupies on the screen, there will be a photo of someone with their finger pointing at it.

On the web there is no menu, no information on how to get those photos or how the system works. It follows the same line of the classic that can now be found on, a website with millions of visits that has only one objective: to show the color purple.

It does not have the hypnotic magic of other similar sites, nor does it have the ingredients to make it viral, but it does to break the routine and verify that in the world there is someone with a lot of free time who has dedicated himself to carrying out such a project.

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