This is the new Xiaomi Mi Band 5, the new generation of the popular Xiaomi bracelets

Xiaomi quantifier bracelets have become very popular, to the point that there are people who use them on a daily basis instead of traditional watches, being the most seen among people who choose to use quantifying bracelets. And it is not for less, given the benefits they offer and the price at which they are available, giving the perfect combination for it.

As we already know, today has been the appointed day for the presentation of the new generation of the popular Xiaomi quantifying bracelets, the new Xiaomi Mi Band 5, which although they follow the same continuous line, I know there are some highlights.

Among them is that this generation now allows charging without having to remove it from the belt previously thanks to the new magnetic charging system, whose battery, 125 mAH, offers a maximum autonomy of 20 days.

For the rest, it also highlights the enlargement of the size of its AMOLED screen by 20%, going from 0.95 ″ to 1.1 ″, which is also accompanied by an increase in brightness, going from 400 nits to 450 nits.

Improvements to its sensor array now offer new possibilities to track sports activities, up to 11 in total, but now also allow sleep monitoring 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, a feature that remains about six days of autonomy per charge, and specific functions of monitoring the intimate health of women.

In addition, the variant with integrated NFC, taking into account that there are two variants, also has an additional infrared sensor that improves the ability to track the heart rate. This variant is also the one that will also allow mobile contactless payments, control of access to facilities, and validation of trips in public transport.

Likewise, the variant with NFC also integrates a microphone, allowing users to interact with a virtual assistant, which in the Chinese market will be Xiaoi AI, although it is rumored that it will reach international territories (the version with NFC of Xiaomi Mi Band 4 has not been released in international markets), Alexa is the chosen virtual assistant, although the company has not yet made a statement about it.

What he did mention is that this generation, both with NFC and the variant without NFC, can also serve as a remote trigger for mobile phone photo captures.

Also, this generation has new animated faces belonging to a variety of popular children’s characters.

At the moment, the Xiaomi Mi Band 5 bracelets will arrive in China on June 18, whose variant without NFC will have a price of 189 yuan, about 26 dollars to change, while the variant with NFC will have a price of 229 yuan, about 32 dollars to change.

Image Credit: Xiaomi

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