This is the Noerden SENSORI smart scale

We already have in hand the new smart scale from the Noertden brand, a brand that we have already discussed in the past when we tested their smartwatch.

We are talking about the Noerden SENSORI, a scale with several sensors so that it can measure much more than weight.

Available at for 89 euros, this scale can connect to our WiFi, or to the mobile via Bluetooth to, through the Noerden app, display the information it collects daily.

It is capable of measuring heart rate, weight, BMI, BMR, body fat, muscle mass, hydration, visceral mass, body mass and even metabolic age, 10 measurements so that we have a complete report of our state of health, just as I show you in this video:

The BMI is calculated with the formula weight (kg) Height (m), and the BMR is the basal metabolic rate, which estimates the daily amount of calories required while at rest.

They use bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA), a method widely used for decades to measure the resistance that a body opposes to the passage of a current. The idea is to use Ohm’s Law to know the impedance of the body, and thus measure the amount of fat and muscle that there may be. It is important to note that it is not a very precise technique, since there are many variables that are not taken into account (such as the amount of water that has been drunk before weighing, that is why it also measures the hydration level), but it does It gives us an important general idea, since if one day is out of the average it is because that value was influenced by other causes.

Men and women store fat in different places, so it is important to take gender into account in our profile. On the other hand, the amount of skin that we support on the electrodes is important, which is why the gadgets that measure this data with the thumbs of the hand are different from those that measure with the whole foot (as the surface area is larger, more stream).

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