This is the Oclean Xpro Elite super smart electric toothbrush

The electric toothbrush industry has long entered the era of intelligence, but the leading brands have not made great breakthroughs in toothbrush technology. In recent years, Oclean has become a major player in the electric toothbrush industry thanks to its innovative technology, professional care, exquisite design and reasonable prices.

Today, Oclean launched the Oclean Xpro Elite super smart electric toothbrush, which is equipped with a new version of the OS operating system, ultrasonic active noise reduction silence technology and wireless fast charging technology for mobile phones. Technological innovation has enabled Oclean to lead the smart era of electric toothbrushes.


The noise problem of electric toothbrushes has always been a problem for users. At present, the operating noise of the major brands of electric toothbrushes on the market makes the consumer experience very bad. In order to improve the user experience, Oclean innovatively developed Ultrasonic Active Noise Reduction Silence Technology to suppress noise generation. With the help of 20000Hz ultrasonic frequency band control, the messy audio frequency exceeds the human hearing range, thus controlling the sound of the electric toothbrush at 45db, this technology is the first in the industry. Oclean’s new Xpro Elite super smart electric toothbrush is equipped with WhisperClean 2.0 technology, which ensures that the working volume of the toothbrush remains below 45db while improving the overall cleaning power of the product. After turning on the Oclean X Pro Elite, if you don’t see the brush head swinging, it’s hard to find that this electric toothbrush is already working and the mute effect is very obvious.


The cleaning power of toothbrushes is also a key upgrade aspect of the Oclean xpro elite. Oclean’s exclusive magnetic levitation brushless motor can reach a speed of 42,000 rpm, providing enough power for oral cleaning. Oclean also improves the brush head. The DuPont diamond bristles used in Oclean Xpro Elite can deeply remove dental plaque between teeth and improve cleaning power by 15% compared to ordinary round bristles. The total amount of implantation of bristles in the brush head increases by 26%; Oclean’s R&D team extended the rotation of the brush head to 6mm, increasing the unique cleaning area of ​​the toothbrush. Overall optimization of these details brings the plaque cleaning rate of the Oclean Xpro Elite Super Smart Toothbrush to 300%.

Better design

It is not enough to optimize a product in technical aspects. Interaction design, accessory design, and appearance design are also important. Oclean X pro Elite adds an automatic wake-up function, which is activated when you pick it up, the screen lights up automatically and you can press the button to turn on brushing with a button; In terms of design, the Oclean Xpro Elite is elegant and practical. The toothbrush uses rock elements in nature as the design concept, the body is matte touch and frost stone gray color, giving users a double vision and touch experience; The body adopts IPX7 waterproof grade, convenient for users to clean. To facilitate user storage, the Oclean X Pro Elite is also equipped with a magnetic levitation wall mount. The toothbrush can be stored on the wall by magnetic levitation, which does not take up space and does not cause mold caused by water stains.

More versatile

Oclean Xpro Elite super smart electric toothbrush adopts high-end mobile phone charging technology, wireless fast charging, and integrates technical advantages. It only takes 3.5 hours to fully charge the electric toothbrush, making charging more convenient and more efficient.


The Oclean X Pro Elite Super Smart Electric Toothbrush also has the key feature of the Oclean Smart Toothbrush series: blind spot monitoring. The technology uses the pressure sensor, the six-axis gyroscope and the chip built into the toothbrush, and uses blending algorithms, posture algorithms and statistical methods to collect and process user brushing data, analyze brushing conditions and achieve accurate detection of the blind zone. It helps users to improve the efficiency of brushing their teeth and avoid missing brushing. The body of the toothbrush is equipped with a color LCD touch screen, which displays the brushing data with graphics of the dental model, allowing users to know the brushing situation in real time. OcleanXpro Elite is also equipped with a new OS system. The toothbrush presents the results and synchronizes detailed data with the mobile application. Body-independent data is combined with data from the cloud and provides a smart new experience for users.

In addition to the blind zone detection function, Oclean Xpro Elite also supports the customization of the app’s personalized brushing plan, starting with oral health, taking oral disease prevention as a guideline, according to the user’s oral teeth and life habits, matching professional tooth brushing plans; for different oral diseases, it also helps users customize their own brushing schedule.

As a super smart electric toothbrush, it is also equipped with other standard features of electric toothbrushes: automatic reduction in frequency and 30-second brushing reminder to help users brush their teeth more effectively.

Price and link

The Oclean Xpro Elite Super Smart Electric Toothbrush is available today (March 29-April 20) officially for sale on Aliexpress, Amazon and eBay. The price during the event is $ 59.99. After the event ends, the price will return to the daily price of $ 69.99. (Similar products from other brands sell for more than $ 100)

The pre-sale period is from 3.29 to 4.5. During this period, Customers who buy Elite in the OCLEAN Official Store during period 3.29-4.5 can enjoy the following benefits: – For the first 100 orders, receive 1 x S1 disinfectant + 2 x toothbrush heads + 1 x travel case for each order.– All other customers who order: 2 toothbrush heads + 1 travel case for each order– 5 lucky buyers will be randomly selected every day for free orders– If the payment amount from a single buyer reaches US $ 800, a Xiaomi 1S electric scooter worth $ 379 is given away

Debut Period (April 6-20), customers who purchase the brush from the Oclean Official Store during this period can enjoy the following benefits.

– 2 free toothbrush heads per order – 8 lucky buyers will be selected for free orders every day – 5 lucky buyers will be selected for free orders every day.

The Oclean Xpro Elite Super Smart Electric Toothbrush is designed to give users a quieter, cleaner, friendlier and more versatile brushing experience, which will definitely bring more innovative surprises to the electric toothbrush industry.

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