This is what happens if you are not careful with your drone

This is what happens if you are not careful with your drone

You may be more aware of what happens if a drone falls on a person, if you see what happens when you put a drone and pork together.

Our skies have been filled with drones before we can have a debate about their safety; we are living the consequence, with Many countries still have outdated laws and more than one scandal about the use of drones.

For example, do you remember when a drone was about to fall on top of the ski world champion? Yes, that was something that could have gotten much, much worse, and who knows, maybe it could have been avoided by following a tougher protocol that we are going to blow up this 30kg thing and blades sharp as a katana, just because we can.

Crash tests for drones the same as for cars

This is one of the cases in which the technology has advanced too fast regarding the mentality of the users. Most have come across a cheap way to blow up a device, and they have thrown themselves headlong without considering aspects of some importance like gravity.

At least every time there is more projects dedicated to researching and improving drone safety, and at the University of Aalborg in Denmark there is one of them. In this laboratory, researchers not only explore the future of drones and their possibilities, but also the true scope of their associated dangers and how to solve them.

So now they have also begun to study what happens when a drone loses control and crashes into something, whether it is hard or soft. And what better way to study it than by crashing drones one behind the other, in an orga of destruction and revenge?

In the same way that all cars have to go through crash tests before being allowed to sell, this lab examines the results when a drone crashes into a surface. using a 3 meter long catapult.

The catapult to find out what happens if a drone falls on a person

Of course, it is not just any surface. To check the effects that a drone crash can have on a person, the team of researchers places a piece of pork, whose Cuts are analyzed and categorized depending on the severity of possible injuries.

The system is capable of launching a 1kg drone at a speed of 15 meters per second, and the impact is recorded in high-speed cameras that record at 3,000 frames per second, allowing them to check in detail all the effects of the blade on the surface. In addition, the force of the impact is also measured, since by itself it could cause serious internal injuries.

The catapult still has a lot to improve, its creators assure, since they are still fine-tuning its operation and all the electronics behind the system, but it is already offering some interesting data that will serve for future studies. In addition, the next versions will allow to crash bigger and heavier drones and at a higher speed.

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