This MIDI controller will make it easy for you to compose and learn music theory

TheoryBoard is a new MIDI controller that is seeking funding on Kickstarter to offer a practical and effective way for people to start creating their musical compositions, regardless of their composition skill level, while also learning about theory. musical.

And such is the interest in this device that In its first three hours of the campaign, it has fully covered the financing goal, set at $ 10,000, and this is not an affordable MIDI controller compared to other options.

Success can be found in a innovative design based on the use of a color coding system, which allows users to visualize the relationship between chords and melodies, according to their creators in the campaign, stating that TheoryBoard is a new type of instrument and at the same time a powerful production and composition tool with which they eliminate the learning curve to start composing.

TheoryBoard has a set of sensitive pads on the left dedicated to chords, while on the right side there is another set of sensitive pads dedicated to scale notes.

And in its central part it offers a touch screen, where users can switch between scales, octaves and chords. On top of the pads are hotkeys for key changes during composition.

Sponsors can participate by choosing rewards that allow them to have their units from 499 dollars (approximately 430 euros), a 58% discount with respect to the final price when it reaches the market, onwards.

In addition, the rewards will begin to be sent next December to anywhere in the world. At the moment all the rewards are still available, also remaining 47 more days of campaign.

For more information, those interested will find all the details on the campaign website.

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