This tool will allow you to migrate 3D models from Poly to Sketchfab

At the beginning of last December, we echoed the announced closure of Poly, Google’s 3D object library, which it had communicated to users of this service by email, indicating that at the beginning of this next summer (June 30 to be more exact) will no longer be available, although from next April the loading of new 3D models will no longer be allowed.

A few months after the announced closure, it comes now Poly to Sketchfab by way of salvage, a web-based tool that aims to facilitate the migration of 3D objects from Poly to Sketchfab.

Coming as the lifeline for Poly users

This tool has been developed in collaboration between the Google Poly and Sketchfab teams, and basically all users have to do is link their Poly and Sketchfab accounts to it.

Next, they will be presented with the option to choose the 3D models to migrate, although Poly to Sketchfab does not support the transfer of models from Tilt Brush or Tour Creator, although in the case of Tilt Brush, it has the possibility of transferring models 3D to Sketchfab natively.

As you may recall, after the announcement of the closure of Google Poly, Alban Denoyel, CEO of Sketchfab, made a call through a Twitter thread to offer his service as the place where those affected by the closure of Google Poly can go:

But in addition to users, it also has a developer API that offers similar functionality to Poly’s API. In this regard, he further noted that:

if it’s content and library you need, we offer a download API that gives access to nearly 500,000 free 3D models licensed from @creativecommons, the only dataset of its kind, combining quality, quantity, and ready-to-use in real time

With all this, both users and developers still have time to adapt to the new situation, with Sketchfab waiting for them with open arms, although those who may still have questions, from Sketchfab they have a page of frequently asked questions where they address the most common doubts. .

It is already a question of not letting time pass and saving the 3D models available in Poly to Sketchfab as soon as possible.

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