This was the presentation of the new PlayStation 5

After months of rumors and speculation, it was time to learn more official details about the new PlayStation 5.

Through a virtual event titled PS5 – The Show of the Future of Video Games, Sony presented for a little over an hour the main features of the console and some of the titles that will be available, through trailers and gameplays.

PS5 hardware and design

The fifth generation of Sony’s celebrated console was presented in a predominantly white edition, with blue and black accents.

Unlike its previous installments, this PlayStation features a vertical design, designed primarily to be placed on the side of the television or monitor to be used.

The main technical specifications of the console we already met a few months ago. Have an 8-core AMD Zen 2 CPU with up to 3.5 GHz of power and a custom Radeon Navi GPU, with a computing performance of up to 10.28 teraflops, with 36 computing units operating at a variable frequency of up to 2.23GHz. It will also have ray tracing, for hyper realistic graphics.

It will have a 16GB 256-bit GDDR6 RAM and as an internal storage unit, it will have a custom 825GB SSD with a speed of 5.5GB per second, expandable by standard NVMe SSD.

Its 4K UHD Blu-ray optical drive will be present in only one variant of the PS5, and there is also another option, the Digital Edition, which is narrower in design and has no disc support.

Other accessories for the console were also presented, such as an HD camera, 3D audio headphones and a remote control for its multimedia functions.

New control knob: DualSense

The event also featured the presentation of the new PlayStation controller: DualSense, of which we also knew some details beforehand.

This remote was designed to be more ergonomic than its predecessors. Like the body of the console, its design is predominantly white, with black and blue accents. Having an hepatic feedback system and the L2 and R2 controls will be adaptable, to provide a more immersive gaming experience.

Along with the headphone jack, this new control integrates a microphone, to join game talks without depending on this accessory.

The charging port will continue to be through a USB terminal, but as an accessory to have a power supply dock.

Gameplays and exclusive games

In short, there were no more than 4 minutes dedicated in this event to the presentation of the design and the new features that the PS5 will have.

For more than an hour, some of the titles that will arrive soon for this console were presented.

These include an enhanced expansion to GTA V, Marvels Spiderman Miles Morales, Gran Turismo 7, the futuristic title Stray, the sci-fi shooter Returnal, the speed and action of Destruction All Stars, Goodbye Volcano High, Ghostwire: Tokyo, Hitman III. , NBA 2k21, the remake of Demons Souls, an eighth installment of Resident Evil and several other titles.

All the exhibited trilers and gameplays are in the attached video.

The prices and release date of the new PlayStation are not yet known. However, according to the launch dates of the games presented, they are still waiting for their release on the market by the end of the year, coinciding with Christmas Eve.

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