This website tells us when each country will achieve herd immunity

Many of us will be wondering when normality will arrive after the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic, that is, when can we go out without masks, when can we visit other communities or countries, and even when we can carry out social activities that are currently in prohibited.

Through the media we know that there are countries that are more advanced compared to the rest, and even from political bodies we are told that the end is near, although one thing is what they tell us and another is what happens.

Everything could change with the new vaccines

In this regard, a population is considered to have achieved herd immunity when at least 70% of it has been vaccinated. With this of the vaccines we are knowing that they are not coming at the desired rate, even reaching temporary stoppages of vaccination with specific vaccines in case of finding reasons that require it to avoid greater risks.

In Spain will we have 70% of the population vaccinated throughout this summer? According to TimeToHerdBased on the average daily vaccination, the herd immunity will be reached within 649 days.

TimeToHerd is a simple website that tells us, for each country we select through a map, when the expected herd immunity will arrive, allowing it to return to normality prior to the arrival of the pandemic.

In addition, it offers a table on the countries that are more advanced in terms of vaccination against Covid-19, allowing to select three different types of classification: by days until the population reaches 70% of vaccination, by percentage of vaccinated population, and by percentage of the population vaccinated daily, also being able to choose between ascending order and descending order.

Israel is, according to this table, the most advanced in this matter. Spain, however, is far behind, widely surpassed by countries like Italy, also heavily hit, and Portugal, among many other countries.

Note that this only has to serve as a reference, bearing in mind that new vaccines will arrive soon, even single-dose vaccines (the TimeToHeard methodology only contemplates the use of two-dose vaccines), which will speed up the vaccination campaign, if not new setbacks come.

And one more appreciation, the methodology of this website also rules out the immunity of people who have already gone through the disease, considering by different organisms that these people also have to be vaccinated.

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