This website tells you how much any artist earns on Spotify, YouTube and others

With the birth of streaming platforms, the music market has changed in many ways.

We no longer buy albums or CDs, we wait for the launch of new songs on the Internet, and we listen to songs, not full discs, something completely different from how the world was before Spotify.

To avoid that people always end up listening to the same thing, the different platforms do their best to recommend news, to discover new talents or less listened to songs, but it is clear that the big cut is taken by the popular artists of the moment, who win in depending on the number of times your songs are heard.

To better understand how these platforms work, there is a website that reports how much each artist earns. We just have to enter and put the artist’s name in the search engine, thus obtaining an estimate based on the number of times users reproduce their songs.

So we can see that U2 earns more on YouTube than on Spotify, for example, or that Madonna is a success on Amazon Music.

It is important to note that the numbers are estimated, they are not exact because the platforms do not share that information, but approximate numbers can be obtained thanks to an algorithm that they detail in soundcharts.

Ideal to compare and understand how these platforms manage to generate a lot of income for groups that have not launched anything new for years, but that had successes that continue to sound in all houses.

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