This will be the first manned SpaceX flight: science fiction come true

This will be the first manned SpaceX flight: science fiction come true

2020 will be a very important year for space exploration; It will be the moment of truth for many projects, which take years and even decades in development, to demonstrate that they really can take humans beyond Earth. SpaceX, founded by Elon Musk, is one of these projects.

SpaceX’s ultimate goal is Mars, of course, but you won’t be able to keep dreaming of the red planet if you don’t meet other demands before; such as reaching the Moon, or simply sending astronauts to the International Space Station.

For SpaceX, that’s the next step, after proving on multiple occasions that it is capable of reliably and relatively cheaply orbiting loads; all thanks to the insistence on reusing the rockets instead of losing them with each launch, as was usual in the industry.

SpaceX’s first manned flight

But it is one thing to carry cargo into space, and quite another, people. The challenge is greater, and especially the weight of human lives is very different from simply losing materials and money.

The key to SpaceX will be the Dragon capsule, specifically the Crew Dragon version adapted to take up to seven astronauts to orbit or to the International Space Station. Regarding the Dragon materials transport capsule, the Crew Dragon not only has seats and instruments, but also an integrated exhaust system that separates the astronauts from the rocket in case of any problem.

The Crew Dragon successfully completed its first tests this year, albeit without a crew yet; The next step is to carry out the first tests with astronauts on board. SpaceX is already preparing for this decisive launch; The capsule should be ready by next February, but it will take several months to complete the entire process and security review.

When the astronauts finally enter the Crew Dragon, SpaceX will make history. Elon Musk himself has shared a preview of what that pioneering trip will be, with a video posted on Twitter.

Obviously, the video seems like a Hollywood production, but that does not mean that we cannot appreciate how futuristic and exciting it seems. The video is also a preview of the new space suits that astronauts will wear.

We can even find a little “easter egg”, a SpaceX guide to its sister company, Tesla. If you look at the beginning of the video, the astronauts get out of another vehicle on their way to the launch pad; the vehicle uses “seagull” doors, such as those on the Tesla Model X. Musk is well known to intend for astronauts to be transported in Tesla cars, and this is a preview.

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